Last chance to get the 2014 Primal Life Kit – 49 Paleo/Primal products for $39! Sale ends Monday!

Last chance to get the 2014 Primal Life Kit – 49 Paleo/Primal products for $39! Sale ends Monday!

This is it–the sale ends on Monday! Over 3,000 Primal Life Kits have been sold since the sale started last Monday! Have you checked-it out yet?! There are tons of great resources with a total value of over $1500 all for low price of $39! I have highlighted a few of the products that stuck out to me on Facebook and Google Plus in the past week, but for those of you who missed them, I’ll highlight them below as well.

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First off, there is a LIFETIME membership to Real Food Liz’s “Good Food for Bad Cooks” club which in itself costs $39…so basically if you are interested in the membership, you buy the kit and then get everything else for FREE! She has a huge Facebook following of over 100,000 fans as does George from Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations. His e-cookbook “Caveman Feast” which has a value of $47 is ALSO included in this bundle…so either way, if you want George’s e-cookbook OR Liz’s 0nline cooking club…everything else is just considered bonus.

128px_0020_cavegirl-cuisine128px_0022_3phase-paleo128px_0025_the-paleo-approach-quick-start-guide128px_0001_well-fed-2128_gffbc128px_caveman_feastAnother highlight is the 2 “previews/abridged versions” of e-cookbooks…and the PREVIEW of each include a lot of recipes. Those are Paleo Parents‘ e-cookbook/e-book “3 Phase Paleo” ($11 value) and “Just a Taste” of Cavegirl Cuisine ($14.99 value). Like I mentioned before, we tried Paleo Parents’ recipe “Easy Peasy Pancakes” and they were a hit with our kiddos!

The Paleo Mom (over 200,000 fb followers) has also contributed to this bundle! Her e-book “Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Quickstart Guide” ($6.99 value) is in the kit along with 3 other autoimmune and inflammation related products. And then, like I said before, Melissa Joulwan’s e-cookbook “Well Fed 2” ($9.95 value) is in the kit and her pictures are incredible! You seriously will want to eat your computer screen.


PS: if you are just looking for the summary, click on the link above to see the 39 products included in the $39 Primal Life Kit!

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