Unrefined Kitchen Giveaway Winners and links to 17 great companies!!

Unrefined Kitchen Giveaway Winners and links to 17 great companies!!

Announcing the winners of the $570 product giveaway!! Below are the winners with the packages they won. I have also included the seventeen great companies that contributed to the giveaway–hoping it will be a great reference point to you! The info beside the companies is the same, but thought I’d include it in case you are new here and missed the actual giveaway. I am an affiliate of LunchBots, US Wellness Meats, Mountain Rose Herbs, and FastPaleo’s e-book. (I am also an affiliate of Nutiva and their link is in the sidebar.) If you buy any of their products through clicking on my links it won’t cost you anymore and I will receive some commission on it. Thanks for supporting these companies and myself!!

*Check-it out because there are some new notes–Cappello’s has given us a 10% off code to use, Glacier Grown is making a DC run, new low pricing on Practical Paleo at Amazon, etc.!

GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE (value: $231.72) : Stacy S.
-US Wellness Meats $75 Gift Certificate ($75)
-Practical Paleo book ($39.95)
-Cappellos Pasta Mixed Case ($43)
-Bob’s Red Mill Set of Four Grain-free Flours: Almond Flour ($11.59), Organic Coconut Flour ($5.67), Arrowroot Powder ($6.19) & Hazelnut Flour ($9.67)
-LunchBots Duo Orange Container ($17.99) & (1) Condiment Dips Container ($6.66)
-Stirs the SOUL Date Chocolate Bars: 5 pack sampler ($16)

SECOND PRIZE PACKAGE (value: $126.23) : Cait P.
-Paleo Nick One-Year Subscription ($48)
-Paleo Magazine One-Year Subscription ($30.25)
-White Lion Baking Company Pumpkin Muffin Mix ($6.99) & Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookie Mix ($22.99)
-Theo Chocolate Ultimate Dark Chocolate Bar ($4), Rich Dark Chocolate Bar ($4), ECI Vanilla Nib Chocolate Bar ($5) & ECI Pili Pili Chili Chocolate Bar ($5)

THIRD PRIZE PACKAGE (value: $89.85) : Mike M.
-Paleo Magazine One-Year Subscription ($30.25)
-Primal Pacs: 3 Large Pacs ($21)
-Glacier Grown Karen’s Super Healing Salve ($18)
-Coconut Secret Coconut Flour ($11)
-Stirs the SOUL Honey Chocolate Bars: 3 pack sampler ($9.60)

FOURTH PRIZE PACKAGE (value: $63.90) : Drew B.
-Larabar Variety Pack ($27.95)
-Primal Pacs: 3 Large Pacs ($21)
-Chocolate Craft Kits Natural Mini Assorted Pack Color Powders ($14.95)

FIFTH PRIZE PACKAGE (value: $60.55) Beverly C.
-Mountain Rose Herbs Epicurean Organics Line Products: Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($5.00), All Purpose Seasoning ($4.90), Italian Seasoning ($4.90), Mexican Seasoning ($4.90), & Black Lava Salt ($4.90)
-Primal Pacs: 3 Large Pacs ($21)
-FastPaleo E-Cookbook: FastPaleo Top 100 of 2012 ($14.95)

…AND the seventeen companies that contributed!!! Check-out the sales and specials that are running!!

1.  US Wellness Meats offers multiple grass-fed meats including bison, beef and lamb! And I am excited to announce that I am an affiliate of US Wellness Meats now!

2. Practical Paleo: The 14x New York Times best-selling book Practical Paleo is a FANTASTIC resource. I was sent a copy to review and I absolutely love it. I think it will be a great reference for years to come! This booked is packed with great recipes, easy-to-understand information and several 30-Day Meal Plans tailored to specific health conditions. I just made Diane’s Blueberry Muffins this morning (recipe in the book) and they were delicious! They are the best coconut flour muffins I’ve ever tried–they are WAY better than my own coconut flour muffin recipes! Check-out her website and blog at Balanced Bites.
*Amazon recently dropped the price on her book! Their prices fluctuate constantly, but I last saw it at $22.69 ($39.99 value!) Go buy her book on Amazon here!

3. Paleo Nick—Paleo Nick is a cook and a Crossfitter and your guide to Culinary Fitness! You can subscribe monthly or yearly to his sight and each month this is what you will have access to: (1) a minimum of 8 Paleo Cooking Videos with accompanying recipes in PDF format, (2) A minimum of 4 relevant, educational, Paleo Cooking related articles, and (3) Membership to a site that will simplify your life and help you live longer!

4. Cappello’s Grain-free Pasta –Yum. That is the word to describe Cappello’s GRAIN-FREE pasta!! We were sent some of their delicious pasta to sample and tried the Fettuccine the other night–it was fantastic!! I love that the main ingredient is almond flour and not a grain–woohoo! Anyway, they have three types of pasta: Fettuccine, Lasagna, and Gnocchi and it has amazing flavor! The really cool thing is the fettuccine cooks in 45 seconds once you drop it into the boiling water–no having to guess what time your company is going to arrive here to have the pasta timed just right–when they walk in the door, drop it into your boiling water and before they even sit down it will be ready! Presto!
*10% off of your online order using the code “Unrefined” — Thanks, Ben! This offer will run through March 11th — so hurry!

5. Primal Pacs Large Pacs –These are great Paleo snacks for on-the-go! Organic, grass-fed and grass-finished beef dried (to form jerky) combined with yummy nuts and dried fruits (sweetened not with refined sugar, but apple juice!). LOVE it. These are so great for camping, road-trips or even just to keep in your purse or in your car for when you need a snack (that will also be tasty and HEALTHY!!)
*Primal Pacs has brand new packaging–check-it out!

6. Paleo Magazine–I was sent a copy of Paleo Magazine’s Feb/Mar 2013 issue and loved it! It was so exciting to look through a magazine in which most of the articles applied to me, the recipes I could actually eat and even the ads were enjoyable to look at because I was actually interested in the products (a little different from the regular magazines packed with recipes and products I will never be able to eat/use…) If you haven’t signed-up to receive Paleo Magazine, check-it out! The issues are printed every other month resulting in 6 magazines a year!

7. Bob’s Red Mill Package of Four Grain-free Flours–I love Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour. It is the almond flour I use all the time! In my opinion, it is a great almond flour that is generally more affordable than other brands on the market. Bob’s Red Mill gave one winner a package of Almond Flour, Organic Coconut Flour, Arrowroot Starch, and Hazelnut Flour/Meal! I was sent one of each of those packages as well and already know I will love the Coconut Flour and Arrowroot Starch and I can’t wait to experiment with the Hazelnut Flour as well!

8. White Lion Baking Company Pumpkin Muffin Mix and Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookie Mix White Lion Baking Company offers grain-free baking mixes and grain-free baked goods! They have cupcakes, muffins, crackers, cookies, brownies and breads. “Our products are grain-free, gluten-free, refined sugar free, free of processed high-omega-6 vegetable oils, soy-free and low in lactose. For those with a casein allergy or moderate to severe lactose intolerance our cookies, crackers and many of our cakes can also be made completely dairy free (and even nut-free and egg-free!)” Check-it out!

9. LunchBots Duo Orange Container and (1) Dip Condiment Container –These containers are so cool! I had not heard of LunchBots before someone on Facebook mentioned they’d like to see their containers as a prize! LunchBots sent me a Duo Orange container and a Condiment Dip container. These containers are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags and plastic containers that may or may not be leaking chemicals into your food. They are also super-cool looking! After LunchBots sent me those products to review, I promptly signed-up to be an affiliate! Check-out there many products through my affiliate link here!

10. Mountain Rose Herbs Products from their Epicurean Line (Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, All Purpose Seasoning, Italian Seasoning, Mexican Seasoning and Black Lava Seasoning–I was sent these five products to review and I was really impressed! I figured they would be good and tasty like most spices, but UNLIKE most of the other spices I have used, they create wonderful flavors that taste FRESH!! I was pleasantly surprised and also promptly signed-up to be an affiliate of them as well! I loved each of the products I tried and am totally intrigued by the Black Lava Salt. “This Hawaiian Sea Salt that has been solar dried with lava rocks and then infused with activated charcoal.” It is a delicious salt packed full of minerals!

11. Larabar Variety Pack –Sweetened with dates, these great on-the-go snacks contain a handful of ingredients–most of which are nuts and dried fruits with some seasonings. These are a great snack to keep on-hand at work or in the car for when you need a sweet treat.

12. Glacier Grown’s Karen’s Super Healing Salve 4 oz. –I love Karen’s Healing Salves. We have both the Super Healing Salve and the Super Emollient Salve and we use and love both! I use them for diaper rash, dry skin and for small cuts and burns! Glacier Grown is local to me here in the Flathead Valley and Karen is a good friend of mine! Glacier Grown also has grass-fed bison, beef and lamb, but are not currently shipping the meats (they DO ship the salves though!) They serve the Flathead Valley in Montana and also make meat runs to Southern California a couple times a year. Go check-out their website!
*Glacier Grown is making a delivery in the greater DC area in early April.  They sell everything ahead of time, so if you are interested, you would need them to contact them ASAP!!

13. Stirs the SOUL Raw Chocolate Bars (3 Honey Sampler and 5 Date Sampler–total: —Stirs the SOUL sells raw chocolate bars sweetened honey and dates! I was sent a few flavors to try and fell in love with their Honey Dark Chocolate. I was so impressed with how great the flavor and texture was and was so surprised it could be that good sweetened with honey! Their Date-Sweetened Chocolate was great too! This is a great option for some dark chocolate treats! Stirs the SOUL chocolates are dairy and soy-free (woohoo!!), fairly traded and raw.

14. Chocolate Craft Kits Natural Mini Assorted Pack Color Powders Chocolate Craft Kits is a cool company I discovered while researching options for my daughter’s birthday cake last fall. I pinned their site but decided to attempt creating my own natural food coloring by cooking, dehydrating and grinding up beets…it worked, sort-of. I broke my coffee grinder in the process AND it took a TON of time to make it. I am THRILLED to say that next time I make a cake, I have Chocolate Craft Kits Natural Food Coloring Powders to use instead! I was sent samples of the powders to try and sure have been enjoying trying them in frosting! My current favorite is the orange! It made such a bright and cheery addition to the cookies I was experimenting with! Her food color powders are all made from vegetables and spices such as cabbage, turmeric, spinach and carrots! She also has liquid food coloring as well!

15. Theo Chocolate Bars (one of each: Ultimate Dark Chocolate, Rich Dark Chocolate, ECI Vanilla Nib & ECI Pili Pili Chili–I was sent one of each of these bars to try! My personal favorites were the Rich Dark Chocolate and the ECI Vanilla Nib–delicious!! You must know that I am such a wimp when it comes to spicy foods that medium salsas make my tongue feel like it is on fire. So…I shared the ECI Pili Pili Chili Chocolate bar with a friend of ours who LOVES spicy foods and thought it was amazing! These chocolate bars are fair-trade and soy and dairy-free! (It is not that common to find chocolates that are soy-free, so when I do–I get excited!)

16. FastPaleo e-Cookbook FastPaleo Top 100 of 2012–This is FastPaleo’s first e-cookbook that is compiled of paleo recipes from many different people! Their website is a recipe sharing site that anyone can submit recipes to be shared. I am honored to have seven of my recipes from The Unrefined Kitchen featured in this e-cookbook set (four mini-e-books are included along with the main Top 100 e-book)!
*This e-book is $14.95!

17. Coconut Secret Coconut Flour –“Our Coconut Secret Coconut Flour is dried, defatted and ground coconut meat. It’s fresh, organic, raw with a wheat like consistency that can be used in recipes calling for flour for those who have allergies to gluten, and or who prefer the taste and texture.  Commonly 15%-25% replacements of Coconut Flour in baking recipes can be used without drastically altering the outcome.” I personally like to combine coconut flour and almond flour to make great grain-free baked goods! I love Coconut Secret’s Coconut Flour and Coconut Aminos (soy-free soy-sauce substitute) and use them all the time!

–I was not paid by any company to make the above statements. I was however sent samples/products to review by multiple companies so that I could include an honest review of their product. I am thrilled to have been able to partner with all 17 of these companies for this giveaway! Show them your love and support as well!

This post contains affiliate links for which I may receive compensation. Thanks you for your support!
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