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Welcome to all you newcomers! We are kicking off the new website design and logo with another giveaway! Back in April I held my first “giveaway” for the website and Coconut Secret donated a 1 lb. bag of coconut flour to one lucky winner! I am now holding another giveaway here at The Unrefined Kitchen and five great companies have generously donated the prizes! This contest ends on Thursday, November 15 at 12:01 am EST (that is Wednesday night at 10:01 pm for those of us in Mountain Standard Time).

I asked (on Facebook) if you would prefer one winner to receive all the prizes or to split-up the prizes between multiple winners. You answered, “Split-it up! Spread the love!” I will be splitting up the prizes so there are FIVE winners instead of one! AND, the 1st place winner will get to pick their prize first, the second prize winner will get to pick their prize second, and so on. The rules and directions for entering are below.

The prizes are as following:

(Prize #1) Puriva Skin Care Mineral Foundation, Mineral Setting Powder, and a Blush or Bronzer (value of $65.95)

I had the privilege of working with the owner at an event promoting Puriva make-up and this is the make-up brand that I use and love. I have sensitive skin and have often found the eye shadows cause my eye lids to swell-up and get puffy! If you are looking for good-quality cosmetics that aren’t harmful for your skin, you have to check these out! Puriva is mineral make-up unlike many other mineral brands. “We believe that nature has provided us with abundant and highly effective ingredients with which to formulate our products. With that in mind we have sourced the purest botanicals, oils and minerals available for each of our product lines.” Puriva doesn’t contain the ingredient bismuth-oxychloride (derivative of lead-mining) which is a filler in many powdered make-ups. You can view Puriva’s website here.

(Prize #2) A Hazelaid $25.00 Gift Certificate

Hazelaid is a company that sells hazelwood and amber necklaces. I personally have had wonderful experiences from using these. With my last pregnancy (which was this year) I wore an amber one and it dramatically reduced the pregnancy symptoms I was having. When those symptoms started to reappear, I would realize that I had forgotten to put my necklace back on! Those symptoms that were helped in me were headaches and an “ishy” sick feeling that I would get (I wouldn’t call it full-blown nausea because I rarely felt like I needed to throw-up, just felt kind of sick.) I wore it my entire pregnancy. Check-out the website for other symptoms it has helped people with such as teething for babies, inflammation, etc.

My newborn son (born in July) was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. I ordered him a hazelwood necklace right away (wanting it in case it would help with teething and possible reflux issues). He had his first surgery at 3 months old. A couple weeks later I noticed that the beads on his necklace were considerably darker than when we got it (a sign that the necklace has absorbed acids and that you man need to get a new one). It seems as though all of the antibiotics and pain-killers he was on after surgery caused a lot of acidity in the body and the necklace helped pull it out! And now he has a new necklace on. Hazelwood necklaces have helped people with teething, eczema, reflux/heartburn, etc. Check-out the website for testimonials and other medical issues hazelwood can help!

I am excited for someone to try these great products with their $25 gift certificate! In the meantime, check-out the website and see what a necklace might help you with! If you decide to order, you can use the code 10jennifer to save 10% off of your order! They also have a few products on Amazon here (although the 10% off code won’t work on Amazon).

*I was given a product in exchange for an honest review.

(Prize #3) A Box of 16 Assorted Larabars (value of $27.95)

Larabars make a great on-the-go-snack snack for paleo-dieters. The regular Larabars are basically just ground fruit and nuts!! One of my favorite flavors is Cashew Cookie which is made of cashews and dates and Cherry Pie which is dates, almonds and unsweetened cherries…that is it! No crazy ingredients that you can’t pronounce, much less understand what it might be. A few of the flavors contain sugar but the majority of the bars are sweetened with dates or raisins. Check out the Larabar website here for ingredients and flavors or go through this link to purchase Larabars on Amazon.

(Prize #4) Biokleen Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner (value of $7.34)

I love the Biokleen products! I currently use their Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner, Bac-Out Stain and Odor Eliminator and Hand Moisturinzing Dishwash Liquid and love all three!! The prize being given away here is one bottle of Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner. I was so excited when I started using this bathroom cleaner because it smelled fresh and clean and I knew it was much better than the regular main-stream brands I had previously used. I LOVE that it isn’t all “chemically-smelling” like what I used to use. I would highly recommend trying their products! Check-out Biokleen’s website here and you can also order their products on Amazon here.

(Prize #5) Earth Circle Organics package {1-Raw Balinese Cacao Powder (8 oz.), 1-Himalayan Salt Crystals (1 lb.), and 1-Organic Coconut Sugar Crystals (14 oz.)} (appr. $21.00 value)

I love Earth Circle Organics Cacao Powder and use it all the time in almost all my recipes that call for cocoa or cacao. Raw cacao has a lot more health benefits than processed cocoa. I haven’t personally tried the coconut sugar crystals or himalayan salt, but they both look fantastic! I know you will enjoy using these products in your cooking! You can visit Earth Circle Organics website here or buy their products on Amazon here.

So there are all your prizes!! I hope you are excited about these as I am!

Contest Rules:

1. Contest is limited to the 48 contiguous United States. (Sorry to my international readers!)

2. You MUST use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter the contest. There is only one required entry into the contest. The rest are bonus entries!


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