Cookbook Review: Eat Like a Dinosaur

Cookbook Review: Eat Like a Dinosaur

I had the privilege of receiving a copy of Paleo Parents‘ cookbook: Eat Like a Dinosaur! It is fantastic! It is super-creative and is packed with over 100 recipes that are grain-free, dairy-free and legume-free! I tried the “Anytime Cookies” last week…YUM! (pictured above) They are sweetened by FRUIT instead of any added sweetener! (But, you will have to buy the book to get the recipe 🙂

This book also has a cute, illustrated story to help explain to kids why you have decided not to feed him “conventional” food. There are even chapters devoted to packing lunches and projects you can do with your kids! Eat Like a Dinosaur also has great tips in getting your kids to try new foods!

There are pictures to go with every recipe (I am very visual and find this feature wonderful!) and steps in the recipes that your kids can help out with are marked by a hand print.

I hope you all can check-out Paleo Parents website and if you are looking for a great paleo cookbook and/or are having trouble getting your kids to eat paleo, I highly recommend this book! Its official release is March 20th (only a few days away), but you can pre-order it!

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